Over the years, South Texas College of Law Houston has played Cupid for more than 400 alumni couples. Enjoy reading these heartwarming, sweet, and downright funny stories from our #SouthTXSweethearts!

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Grace (McKiernan) Crump ’12 & John Crump ’12

We were partnered up for the 2011 STCL Summer Academy tournament. We spent many long hours working on our case and made it to the quarterfinals. That following semester we had several classes together and started dating. We graduated and survived the bar exam together. On October 11, 2014, we were married in Houston (and even made a quick stop at STCL for pictures on the way to the reception). John is a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney's Office and Grace practices Family Law in Harris and surrounding counties. We recently purchased our first home. ~Grace

Eric D'Olive ’11 & Kami (Bennett) D'Olive ’10

When I met Kami met in fall 2009, she was a spring 2L and I was a brand-new 1L. We quickly became friends, which over time turned to romance. There were small obstacles, like my boisterousness, Kami’s vegetarianism, and so on, but I ate a few more vegetables, and Kami adjusted to the volume. From there, we tolerated each other’s law school schedules, my project vehicle (an replica A-Team van), and bar preparation, all the way to my graduation on December 17, 2011. My graduation is also our anniversary date—Kami hooded me at graduation that morning, and we married that evening in San Antonio. Since then, Kami started her own firm, The D’Olive Law Firm, and I earned my MBA and moved up to Senior Associate Attorney at the law firm of Lewis & Barnes. Best of all, though, we have two beautiful children, with all of my and Kami’s quirks, but mostly mine if you ask Kami. ~Eric

James Flodine ’81 & Lynne Liberato ’80

Lynne and I met at law school when we studied together for Real Property II. Later, when I was working Law Review, I met her again when I took an article back to Judge Evans for his final review after we had cite checked it. We talked briefly then but she was very busy and cut me short during my long story about the ballet. 18 years later when she was running for President of SBOT, I wrote her a note about her expected election. She wrote back and we had lunch. We began dating after that and in Dec 2000, we were married in our new house. All because we met at good old South Texas College of Law. ~James

Joe Gonyea ’07 & Katherine (Morton) Gonyea ’08

We lived in the same apartment building and saw each other around campus from time to time. One night, while out with our respective groups of friends at a local bar, we finally connected and talked long into the evening. We went on a date a few days later, and every day thereafter. We've been married for seven years, and in the intervals of work and its attendant existential crises, we enjoy traveling, the great outdoors, and arguing about where to travel, or what, exactly, constitutes the great outdoors. ~Joe

Alfred Martinez ’15 & Allison (Majni) Martinez ’14

I remember seeing Allison for the first time during 1L orientation in Joe Green Auditorium. I also remember hoping that she and I would have some classes together. As luck (and fate) would have it, Allison and I were put into the same class section! Our first class was Torts 1 with the brilliant Professor Shelby Moore. As many professors do with 1L courses, Prof. Moore seated her Torts 1 class in alphabetical order. That put Allison (MAJNI) and me (MARTINEZ) only one student apart, with Jeremy (MARTIN) separating us. I didn't let Jeremy stop me from trying to catch Allison's eye and making her laugh. Being seated so close together led to us studying together, spending time together, and eventually dating and falling in love!

We got married on October 22, 2016, here at South Texas. We have been told that our wedding was the first alumni wedding permitted at the school, and we very much appreciate South Texas for opening its doors to us and our wedding guests. We have only been married for 2 months, but we've been together for over 6 years. We became engaged at the same restaurant where we had our first date on the 5th anniversary of that first date. We have a beautiful home in Humble, where we are parents to 3 lovely lady cats. We look forward to starting a family soon so that the cats can have some human siblings. I heard a World War II veteran give a speech one time in which he pointed out how much the first letter of your last name dictates many key events in your life. How right that gentleman was! ~Alfred

Kamelia (Namazi) Momin ’10 & Sal Momin ’10

We actaullly met for the first time in the beginning of our first year through one of our mutual friends. Our lockers were close and I always had trouble opening my locker. Sal always tried to help even though I refused and had to open it myself. We became closer friends our second year of school and a few happy hours later we started dating. Our relationship grew as we did and in 2014 we got married. We now have two beautiful daughters. I have not been very passionate about the legal field and sometimes I question my decision of going to law school but I met the love of my life there! ~Kamelia

Jo Ann (Weiss) Schaffer & Judge Robert Schaffer ’85

Bob and I met when I was studying for finals (with my friend- alumni Norman Roser) in 1984. We were dating other people at the time. A year later we went out, thanks to Norman. Norman would call Bob and tell him I wanted to go out with him. Then Norman would call me and say that Bob wanted to take me out. The rest is history. We were married September 6, 1987 and Norman was our best man. He still is. We have three beautiful children- Michael age 26 and twins Alex and Shelly - age 18. Bob was elected judge of the 152nd District Court in 2008 and I have maintained my solo law practice. This past summer we traveled to Prague and Berlin. Thank you South Texas! ~Jo Ann

Austin Stout ’13 & Katy (Padilla) Stout ’13

I met my wife, Katy, at the pre-orientation mixer in the Emilie Slohm. At first, I thought she worked for the school because she was busy helping students find other students assigned to their section. So I asked her for help. We ended up being in the same section (C), becoming best friends, and dating through much of law school. We were engaged on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court while both interning for the Obama administration in D.C. We were married in May 2013 on the same day as our law school graduation, in a surprise ceremony at the Four Seasons. Our stunned guests assumed they were attending a graduation party! We moved to San Antonio where I work as a felony prosecutor for the Bexar County District Attorney's Office. Katy returned to her passion of being a public school teacher, but still maintains her law license and practices family law on a limited basis. We our proud parents to three kids: Kannon, Roman, and Ava. We are eternally grateful to STCL for bringing us together! ~Austin

Elize (Najm) Sfeir ’14 & Michael Sfeir ’13

It was August of 2012. Elize was attending the new member orientation for South Texas Law Review, and I was on the journal’s editorial board. Following the orientation, Elize and I both went to a happy hour for the group, and that is where we saw each other for the first time. Several days later, I was sitting in the Law Review office and Elize walked into my office and asked, “Hey, are you Lebanese?” I was surprised and answered “yes,” to which she replied, “me too!” After a few years of late nights in the library, my graduation in 2013 and hers in 2014, and each studying for the bar exam, we were finally ready to get married and begin our life together. I am a corporate attorney in-house at a private company called GC Services, and Elize is a corporate attorney in-house at a Mitsubishi entity in Houston. We now spend most of our time traveling together, trying new restaurants, and (of course) talking about the law. Thanks STCL! ~Michael

Jennifer (O'Brien) Stogner '06 & Brant Stogner '06

We met on the first day of law school orientation, and that’s where our story began. Our first year, we were friends and study partners. Our second year, we started dating and became heavily involved in the advocacy program at the law school. We spent our days sitting next to each other in class, and our nights studying and at practice for moot court and mock trial competitions. Our third year, we became mock trial partners and won the ATLA National Mock Trial Competition, along with our teammates Jennifer Falk '06 and Gabe Vick '07.

When we graduated in May 2006, we lived together in a small apartment in Midtown where we studied for the bar exam together at his grandmother's old kitchen table. We were married in 2009. Dean T. Gerald Treece performed our wedding ceremony…seriously.

During the past ten years since graduation, we have both practiced civil litigation in Houston. Brant started as a defense attorney, and then switched to the plaintiff's side and is now a partner with Abraham Watkins. He is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. Jen started as a plaintiff's attorney, and then switched to civil defense when we started our family and is now a senior associate with Lapidus Knudsen. We have three amazing children, Ryker (5), Beckett (3) and Holland (1).
We’ve been together for 13 years and are still going strong. Just like when we were in law school, we are still partners in love, in law, and in life.

Rose (Garcia) Moriarty ’94 & Wade Moriarty ’93

Wade and Rose Moriarty were members of the Board of Advocates (BOA), but really didn't know each other. As fate would have it, they came out of relationships at the same time and found themselves attending several of the same functions. With some helpful nudging by their good friend and fellow BOA member Kay Kurtin Egger '93, Wade and Rose ending up going out and have been together ever since. Wade even proposed to Rose on their one year dating anniversary at a mock trial final, and their engagement is considered a legendary moment of the advocacy department. They celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary this year. Their matchmaking friend Kay was in the wedding, along with several other South Texas alumni. They have an 18 year-old daughter, Olivia, and a 15 year-old son, Jake. Wade is a partner at the Crim Law Firm, and Rose has retired from the profession and is an Amazon bestselling young adult author. Of course, romance is an important element in her books.

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