How you and your gift make a difference

South Texas College of Law Houston depends upon the generosity of our alumni and friends to assist us in providing aspiring lawyers with a high-quality, affordable education. Gifts to STCL Houston help enhance every aspect of the student experience, by creating a wealth of opportunities to learn, grow and develop.

Every gift we receive makes it possible for us to continue our mission: to provide a diverse body of students with the opportunity to obtain an exceptional legal education, preparing them to serve their community and the profession with distinction.

STCL Houston students graduate practice-ready and become dedicated lawyers, renowned scholars, leading corporate attorneys, voices for the unheard, and respected members of the judiciary. By making a gift to STCL Houston, you are making all of this possible.

By supporting STCL Houston you are not only enriching the lives of students - you are also impacting the lives of the community they support.

“Thank you to all our alumni and friends for helping us make our mission a reality. The support we receive enables us to provide students and faculty with the daily resources critical for learning. I am truly grateful to all our supporters for giving back to the future of the legal profession and for making an investment in our success.”
- President and Dean Donald J. Guter