The Challenge
The South Texas Law Firm Challenge was created in 2007 to bring South Texas graduates at firms together for a common purpose: maintaining excellence in legal education at the law school. The goal of the Law Firm Challenge is to achieve 100 percent participation in giving to the law school by South Texas alumni at law firms, law offices, in-house legal departments, corporations, and government offices with three or more South Texas alumni.

Hays, McConn, Rice & Pickering was the first firm to meet the challenge. Managing partner and South Texas Board chair Mike Hays ’74, who initiated the program, encouraged each South Texas graduate at the firm to make a gift to the law school in any amount during the 2007–2008 academic year, so his firm could be the first to achieve 100 percent participation in giving to the College.

The firm that launched the Challenge: (seated) Troy Williams '93, Jane Lea Haas '01,
Shannon Ramirez '95, Robin Blanchette '04, David V. Wilson II '93; (standing) Lisa Causey '02,
Mike Hays '74, Craig Wolcott '83 and Ruth Pillar '95.

Alumni giving is viewed as a measure of graduates’ satisfaction with their alma maters. The Law Firm Challenge offers an excellent way for alumni at firms to provide unrestricted support to the law school.

Will Your Firm Meet the Challenge in Fiscal Year 2016 (September 1, 2015 - August 31, 2016)?
Over the past six years, South Texas College of Law has doubled its alumni-giving rate from 4 percent to 8 percent, thanks in large part to the success of the College’s Law Firm Challenge program. Since its inception, in 2007, forty-seven organizations have met the Challenge by achieving 100 percent participation in alumni giving to the College. Is your firm ready to take on the Challenge in Fiscal Year 2016?

The rewards for meeting the Challenge are many. They include a group photo of your organization’s alumni, which will appear in In Re, our alumni magazine; the display of your organization’s name in a special section the Annual Report to Donors; and a special lunch and photo shoot with Dean Donald J. Guter.


Firms who met the Law Firm Challenge in FY 2015:

Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Friend
Left to Right: Brant J. Stogner ‘06, Dean Guter, Benny Agosto, Jr. ‘95, Randall O. Sorrels ‘87

Baker Hughes
Left to Right: Adrian L. Guerra-Paz '04, Marianne M. Ibrahim '03, Le Hammer '89, Joseph A. Riddle '86, Bethany L. Turner '13, Kimberly L. Chandler '01, Dean Guter, Benjamin B. Leibman '04, Vanessa L. Rossi '95

The Bale Law Firm, PLLC
Back Row Left to Right: Robert B. Greiwe '12, Ross D. Bale '14, Danielle R. Carlson '05, Brian T. Peel '03
Front Row Left to Right: Jeffrey R. Bale '81, Dean Guter

Goforth Easterling, LLP
Front Row Left to Right: Avi Moshenberg '12, Dean Guter, Kate L. Easterline '05
Back Row: Ryan D. King '10

Hoover Slovacek, LLP
Back Row Left to Right: Michael T. Lewis, James H. Leeland '77, Christopher J. Kronzer '07, Colby S. Hodges '10, Frank B. Mapel III '82, Dylan B. Russel '03, Patrick G. Drake '06,  Matthew A. Kornhauser '86
Front Row Left to Right: Jack P. Turano III '11, Dean Guter, Matthew S. Cire '14, Caroline H. Russe '13

Jackson Walker, LLP
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Randall G. Holcombe '14, Matthew D. Cavenaugh '07, Thad H. Armstrong '02, Carey L. Hain '11, April Vasquez Leibman '04, Lewis S. Kasner '05, Courtney T. Carlson '08, Michael J. Woodson '12, Dean Guter

Jenkins & Kamin, LLP
Left to Right: Amy R. Harris ‘03, Marjorie A. Maxwell ‘07, Maisie A. Barringer ‘05, Dean Guter, Lynn Kamin ‘88, Erin R. Christopher ‘13, Elva C. Godwin ‘81, Aaron M. Reimer ‘07, Sharon S. Cammack ‘94, Susan E. Oehl ‘06, William Chase Weber ‘15, Deborah L. Wright ‘79, Joan F. Jenkins ‘82

Left to Right: John T. Kovach ‘13, Philip R. Brinson ‘93, D. Alexandro Gonzalez ‘12, Michael W. Magee ‘90, Michael S. Hays ‘74, Shannon D. Ramirez ‘95, Dean Guter, David V. Wilson II ‘93, Gage S. Fender ‘14, Cassandra L. Walsh ‘14

Locke Lord, LLP
Left to Right: Tim Johnson ‘84, Steven S. Boyd ‘97, David M. Gregory ‘98, Matthew G. Reeves ‘94, Kimberly A. Englebert ‘13, Dean Guter, Gregory C. Cox ‘97, Cole Mackey ‘07, Mitchell A. Tiras ‘92

Oil States International
Left to Right: Dean Guter, Ellen L. Pennington ‘11, Jeff Steen ‘87, William E. Maxwell ‘97

Olson & Olson, LLP
Back Row, Left to Right: G. Todd Stewart '87, Donna L. Johnson '10, Emily Brown '14, David W. Olson '05, Stephanie J. Kerian-Vaughn '14, Donna G. Barnish '12
Front Row, Left to Right: Corey R. Ouslander '07, Dean Guter, Salina A. Ali '08

Patout & Shaw, PLLC
Left to Right: Travis L. Shaw ‘11, Dean Guter, John J. Patout, Jr. ‘11 and Martin C. Law ‘13


Porter Hedges LLP
Front Row, Left to Right: Amy C. Falcon '08, Haley A. Paul '13, Alison P. Henderson '13, Dean Guter, Nickie V. Tran '14, Jamie Godsey '15
Back Row, Left to Right: Sean M. McChristian '08, Eric D. Wade '95, Matthew J. Stirneman '11, Matthew F. Davis '14, Clay M. Steely '94, Neal M. Kaminsky '94, Ephraim del Pozo '97, J. Patrick LaRue '00.
The Rosen & Rosen Law Firm, LP (not pictured)

Winstead PC
Left to Right: Teresa Schneider ’89, Zachary B. Allie ’09, Julie A. Stephenson ‘13 , Kathryn E. Blackney Oakes ’08, Lauren E. Harbour ’09, Kyle R. Watson ’04, Dean Guter, Philip B. Williams ’11, Polin Chieu ’07, Sangeeta K. Cheema ’11, Katherine L. Carmical ’11, Jason H. Cramer ‘14

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