The South Texas College of Law Young Alumni Council was established in 2010 to obtain feedback from recent graduates on young alumni events and alumni experiences in general. The council's purpose is to help South Texas provide meaningful opportunities for recent graduates to stay connected to the college and network with each other. The council is comprised of alumni who have graduated within the past ten years. Council members serve a one-year term and meet four times each year on the College's campus. 

The goals of this premier group are to:

  • Connect and engage with the College as an advocate and contributor
  • Collaborate with College staff and serve as a link between administration and the young alumni group
  • Serve as an advisory group to the College on behalf of young alumni
  • Foster participation from young alumni in College programming
  • Cultivate a culture of financial support and stewardship among young alumni
  • Work with South Texas to increase the number of young alumni engaged with the College
  • Assist in the identification and counsel of potential young alumni leaders and volunteers
  • Serve as a volunteer representative of South Texas 

Council members are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attend no fewer than 50 percent of meetings
  • Maintain contact with fellow council members and staff
  • Coordinate any promotional efforts with College staff
  • Attend bimonthly young alumni events as well as regular alumni events
  • Financially support the College annually
  • Actively participate in young alumni programs and initiatives
  • Act as a standing group of volunteers to aid the efforts of the College to increase student-alumni engagement

Benefits of Council members:

  • Recognition on the STCL website and in the Online Alumni Community
  • Selection for special inclusion in STCL-sponsored events

Leadership opportunities:

Leadership roles are available to council members through work on two standing committees: the Development Committee and the Outreach Committee. Depending on the council's current programs/initiatives, each committee consists of a chair (or co-chairs) who is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the committee to ensure that committee goals are met. While service on a council committee is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that each member participate. Both committees are open to noncouncil members.

Development Committee goals:
  • To encourage members of the young alumni group (graduates of the past 10 years) to financially support the College, with an emphasis on becoming a member of the Young Alumni Leadership Circle
  • To increase young alumni participation by a rate of 1 percent each donor year
  • To assist the Office of Advancement in creating campaigns geared towards the young alumni group

Outreach Committee Goals:
  • To actively work to increase awareness of the young alumni program at South Texas by encouraging members of the young alumni group (graduates of the past 10 years) to join the Young Alumni Facebook Group and to become registered members of the Online Alumni Community
  • To actively promote and encourage attendance at young alumni events and participation in young alumni initiatives
  • To seek out and organize participation by both council members and members of the young alumni group in at least one College initiative to serve the Houston area

How to become involved:

Those interested in becoming a member of the Young Alumni Council must complete an application and submit a copy of their resume to the Office of Advancement. A letter of recommendation from a member of the Young Alumni Council or the STCL alumni community is also required. This includes faculty, staff, and fellow alumni who can speak to your strengths and why you would be an asset to the council. Applications must be completed and submitted by August 31st for the upcoming fiscal year (September 1 through August 31.)

The term for a council member is one fiscal year. At the end of the fiscal year, members who wish to continue to serve must complete a renewal application. All applications are evaluated by the Office of Advancement. Those that have supported the goals and requirements of the council may be invited to serve additional terms. All members will be evaluated at the end of each fiscal year.

Membership on the council is highly competitive. Council members are selected based on their involvement with and support of STCL since graduation, as well as leadership roles undertaken in both their personal and professional lives.  Additionally, we strive to select members that represent the diversity of our young alumni group. New members are notified in September of each year. For further information or questions, please contact the Office of Advancement at (713) 646-1804 or

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