The Advocates Society

The Advocacy Program teaches students the fine art of blending persuasion and logic, reason and passion, in the courtroom. The result is an unmatched record of success in mock trial and moot court competitions: since 1980, South Texas has produced more championship advocacy teams than any other law school in the United States.

The Advocates Society brings South Texas advocacy alumni together for a common purpose: maintaining the Advocacy Program's tradition of excellence. The financial support you provide as a member of the Advocates Society does so much more than just defray the costs necessary to operate the Advocacy Program. It acts as a vote of confidence, demonstrating your belief in the Advocacy Program's mission. 

Your generous gift at one of the three levels below, each of which can be paid out over a five-year period in five annual payments, brings you membership in this elite group. And with the first installment of your gift, you will receive a one-of-a-kind Advocacy keepsake: a T. Gerald Treece bobblehead, which captures the indefatigable spirit of our legendary Advocacy director.

Advocates Society Membership

  • Advocacy Associate—$500
  • Advocacy Partner—$5,000
  • Distinguished Advocacy Fellow—$25,000 
To learn more about becoming a member of the Advocates Society, please contact Anthony Davis in the Office of Advancement at (713) 646-1797 or

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