Scholarships and Awards

South Texas College of Law's 80-plus scholarships and awards, listed below, provide critical financial assistance to our students. When establishing a scholarship or an award, a donor may determine any special terms and conditions and help designate the criteria for how the fund will be distributed, such as financial need and academic merit. It takes a minimum of $25,000 to establish an endowed scholarship, which could be fully funded upon inception or paid out over a designated period of time, with additional contributions made at any time thereafter. Endowed scholarship distributions are made available from interest income earned; they are is based on a spending rate determined annually by the South Texas College of Law Board of Directors.

For information about establishing a scholarship or an award, please contact Maya Fredrickson in the Office of Advancement at (713) 646-1803 or

  • Advocacy Scholarship
  • Marina and Bernardino Agosto, Sr., Scholarship
  • Jim Alfini/Hans Lawton Award in Dispute Resolution
  • William A. Allen Endowed Scholarship
  • Alumni Association Honor Scholarship
  • AMICUS Achievement Grant
  • Annotations Scholarship
  • Annual Fund Scholarship
  • Association of Women Attorneys (AWA) Scholarship
  • Judge Spurgeon E. Bell Quasi Endowment
  • Christopher Breen Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Elaine A. Carlson Scholarship for Texas Judicial Clerkships
  • James A. Carmody Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity Scholarship
  • Bob Casey Endowed Scholarship
  • Cecil N. Cook Memorial Law Review Award
  • Dean’s Citizenship Award
  • Sandra DeGraw Scholarship Endowment
  • Dean’s Outstanding Advocate Award
  • Dean’s Student Advocacy Service Award
  • Elizabeth A. Dennis Scholarship
  • David T. Donnelly Faculty Award
  • Charles R. (Bob) Dunn Endowed Scholarship
  • John Ensle Award in Evidence
  • Ryan R. Euan ’11 Memorial Award
  • Kenneth Fountain Memorial Scholarship
  • Steven Paul Friedman Memorial Scholarship
  • Pamela E. George Family Law Scholarship
  • Joe M. Green, Jr., Scholarship Endowment
  • Dick Hoskins Gregg Scholarship Endowment
  • Thomas M. Gregory Part-time Student Scholarship
  • Sam & Ruth Gross Memorial Scholarship
  • Don and Pat Guter Veterans Scholarship Endowment
  • Lindsey Haid Leadership Award
  • Hispanic Bar Association Scholarship in Honor of Chief Judge James DeAnda
  • Hispanic Bar Association Bar Review Scholarship
  • Judge John S. Holleman Scholarship
  • Houston Bar Association Scholarships (Various Sections)
  • Houston Intellectual Property Law Association Scholarship
  • Houston Young Lawyers Association Scholarship
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Civil Rights Award
  • Landgell Scholars Scholarship
  • Law Review Scholarship
  • The Willard and Anne Levin Endowed Scholarship
  • MABATX (Mexican American Bar Assoc. of Texas) Foundation Scholarship
  • Shea Lynn Maloney Advocacy Award
  • Lizabeth Parham Matthews Scholarship
  • Pauline G. & Thomas E. Mingledorff Scholarship
  • Melissa Moon Memorial Scholarship
  • Claire Ruskin Mudge Endowed Scholarship
  • Oil, Gas & Mineral Law Award in Honor of Professor Harry L. Reed
  • Fred ’37 and Mabel R. Parks Foundation Scholarship
  • “Pass It On” Florida Scholarship Fund
  • Erin Hunter Patterson Memorial Scholarship
  • Lylene Pilkenton Scholarship
  • Charlie Price Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Pro Bono Honors Certificate Program
  • George Fred Rhodes '54 Endowed Scholarship
  • Evelyn Morris Roberts Endowed Scholarship
  • Judge Bob Robertson Endowed Scholarship
  • Jeff E. Rusk Advocacy Scholarship Fund
  • Susan Scoble Scholarship Award
  • Hon. Michael Schneider Animal Law Society Scholarship
  • Alex Silverman Memorial Scholarship
  • Hyman L. Slohm Memorial Scholarship
  • Randall Sorrels '87 Houston Baptist University Undergrad Scholarship
  • South Texas College of Law Loan Repayment
  • South Texas College of Law Memorial Scholarship
  • William J. Steeger Scholarship
  • Tax Executive Institute Scholarship
  • Texas A&M Aggie Scholarship
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association Scholarship
  • Edgar E. Townes Endowed Scholarship IHO George Barrow & W. J. Williamson
  • Transactional Law Practice Certificate Program
  • Judge & Mrs. Bert Tunks Endowed Scholarship
  • Thomas Justin Treece Memorial Scholarship
  • Vinson & Elkins Public Interest Fund
  • Garland R. Walker Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Hortense Ward Appreciation Award
  • Howard F. Warren Scholarship
  • Charles Weigel Endowed Tort Scholarship
  • Joscelyn Wilder Memorial Scholarship
  • Elizabeth P. & Harold R. Williams Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • W. J. Williamson Legal Writing Award
  • William F. Woods III & Anne R. Woods Endowed Scholarship
  • F. Jane Yount Endowed Scholarship

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