The 3L Class Gift

The 3L Class Gift program is a student-led annual fundraising effort that takes place from February to Graduation each year. The program unites third-year law students behind a common purpose: to gain the support of a large number of student donors to leave a legacy for the next generation of students. The program is designed to promote student leadership and encourage our newest graduates to stay connected with South Texas College of Law Houston.

Student donations to the 3L Class Gift are the first step in a lifetime of alumni involvement. Gifts of any amount are valued and enhance our reputation and visibility in the legal community.

The most convenient way to participate in the 3L Class Gift is by making your gift online.

Students may honor professors, administrators, or anyone else who has had an impact on their legal education by making your gift in his or her honor.

The 3L Class Gift is presented to President & Dean Guter by the SBA President at commencement in May. Donations for this year's gift will continue to be received through August 31.

To see a list of frequently asked questions regarding the 3L Class Gift, please click here.

For more information about the 3L Class Gift program, please contact Teresa Kaiser in the Office of Advancement at (713) 646-1804 or